Our consciousness is something that we guard very heavily as a species. It's our ability to think, it's what sets us apart from other living things that inhabit this planet, and there's no denying that our consciousness is what got us here today as a species.

Incidentally, the word consciousness is defined as 'the state of being aware of and responsive to one's surrounding'. This definition imagines us as the centre of all thought and the only possible vessel that can conceive its own consciousness. After all, if trees were as conscious as human beings are then why would we cut them down? It is assumed then that outside of human beings there is nothing of any intelligence whatsoever. That we are the centre of the universe's will and on a smaller scale, we are at the centre of our own individual will. From that pretense comes the most dangerous idea about existential thought ever known to humankind; the notion that everything outside of humans is unconscious and therefore subservient to humans. This puts us in a metaphorical war with nature. And that now brings us to our current, literal war with nature.

Throughout all the complexities of modern society, there is an underlying obsession to continue on with infinite growth. Infinite growth of one species polarises as infinite decline of another. Ancient and modern cultures across the globe believe the larger their family is, the more powerful their family is. So we procreate in the name of a resilient bloodline, taking food and resources from the Earth as every new person is born and giving nothing back.

To disregard the environmental impacts of continuing with infinite growth and reproduction submits us to our own definition of consciousness. If we define consciousness as being aware of and responsive to one's surroundings then surely disregarding that definition, by going blindly into reproduction, is a renunciation of our consciousness.
Limited edition of 100.
Archival print on 100% recycled 300gsm off-white uncoated archival matte paper.
Printed using vegetable-based inks.
Hand signed.
A3 (297mm X 420mm).
Shipped in postal tubes.
With the purchase of your artwork you also receive a native Australian tree planted in your name. This initiative is part of CNCF’s various forestation projects that sequester carbon whilst helping to restore degraded land and conserve the natural biodiversity of Australia. Your tree is a carefully selected native species that supports natural ecosystems and wildlife. You will receive both a physical 'Tree Card' and a personalised digital certificate under the name you enter at the checkout.