The environment is a subject that I hold dearly as an artist. It is also a subject that is fundamental to our existence as human beings. It seems morally sane to try and protect the dearest of my artistic subjects, does it not? More important than saving individual, symbolic species is saving the land on which these species live and their ecosystems.

With this in mind I've devised a way to keep art and the environment growing side-by-side. As a conservation artist I have chosen to affiliate myself with two not-for-profit environmental organizations; the World Land Trust and CNCF. Depending on the artistic project, you and I will be contributing to either the World Land Trust's Buy an Acre campaign or one of CNCF's Tree Planting Projects.

To see a live tally of both the acres of threatened habitat we've saved and the trees we've planted you can visit the Conservation page at

You can contribute to this conservation work and keep these projects going by purchasing ethical and sustainable art from the store.