Brian (Lewin's Honeyeater)

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Lewin's Honeyeater (Meliphaga lewinii).

Illustrated from a wild reference; Brian. Brian is a wild Lewin's honeyeater who occasionally visits a small off-grid cabin on the outskirts of Malaan National Park, which is part of the Wet Tropics of Queensland bioregion. He inhabits a World Heritage Area that is home to a number of rare and threatened species.

He is illustrated here perched upon his favourite species of native ginger. Pleated Ginger (Alpinia arctiflora) is found only in the rainforests of Tropical North Queensland and bears fruit that is usually eaten by Cassowaries. It is one of only three ginger species native to Australia. Brian likes to sip on the sweet nectar of the Pleated Ginger's white flowers. He also really, really likes overripe bananas!

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Limited edition of 50.
Giclée print on 300gsm archival matte paper.
Hand signed.
A3 (297mm X 420mm).
Shipped in postal tubes.