Native Hibiscus and The Little Kingfisher

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The native hibiscus (hibiscus tiliaceus) and the little kingfisher (ceyx pusillus) are definitively tropical. The native hibiscus is a flowering tree that is commonly found in the mangrove systems of tropical Queensland, it is capable of thriving in various brackish conditions. Its flowers usually last a single day only, falling off at the end of the day or in the early morning. The flowers change colour as they age, turning dull orange or reddish by the time they fall. It is therefore possible to see the flower change colour throughout the course of the day, from a vibrant yellow in the morning to a withered red a few hours later. It is one of nature's most wonderful transformations.

The little kingfisher, as its name implies, is Australia's smallest species of kingfisher. It perches in well-vegetated coastal creeks, streams, rivers and is often seen in the rainforest. Its preferred habitat is on low branches over water, which is why the native hibiscus is a favourite tree of the kingfisher's. Unlike many other bird species, it doesn't build a nest as such. Little kingfishers make a small burrow on the riverbank and lay their few eggs at the end of it, protected from the elements.

With the purchase of your artwork you also receive a native Australian tree planted in your name. This initiative is part of CNCF’s various forestation projects that sequester carbon whilst helping to restore degraded land and conserve the natural biodiversity of Australia. Your tree is a carefully selected native species that supports natural ecosystems and wildlife. You will receive both a physical 'Tree Card' and a personalised digital certificate under the name you enter at the checkout. If you wish to plant your tree in another person's name then please specify at checkout.

Limited edition of 50.
Giclée print on 300gsm archival matte paper.
Hand signed.
A3 (297mm X 420mm).
Shipped in postal tubes.